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Bookbinding as a Handcraft

Bookbinding as a Handcraft

By Manly Banister
Sterling Publishing Company, 1986 (first published 1975)

"This book, with over 250 photographs, drawings and diagrams, and a concise, lucid text, gives details of book sewing of all types — antique, "flexible," outside cords, lockstitch, whipstitch, sewing on tapes, buried cords — and goes on to the modern practice of "perfect" binding in which the bound book is composed of single sheets. By the time you have come to the end of Manly Banister's manual of hand bookbinding, you will know almost everything about the craft and will gain new respect for all books and their bindings." —Back cover

Condition: Fair, adhesive staining at spine edge inside front cover. Staining on edges. Prevous owner signature.

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