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Coptic Binding - 23rd June 2019


Image of Coptic Binding - 23rd June 2019

TUTOR: Avril Makula
DATE: Sunday 23rd June 2019
TIME: 10am - 2pm
COST: Members $65, non Members $100

Ideal for:
Some bookbinding experience preferred. Email us if uncertain.

Coptic binding is a way of binding a book with an exposed spine sewing. The method was developed by the Copts and has been used from as early as the second century. In coptic binding, the sections are linked together using chain stitch, and the book is able to open flat, which makes it an excellent choice of binding for sketchbooks and journals. There are many variations and methods used to make a coptic book, and the stitching can be extremely decorative. In this workshop, we will make a coptic book using the 4-needle method of sewing.

IN this workshop you will complete one book.