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Image of THE SECRET BELGIAN BINDING - 20th October 2018


TUTOR: Jean Riley
DATE: Saturday 20 th October 2018
TIME: 9.30am to 4 pm
COST: Members $115 Non-member 125

Ideal for:
Suitable for all levers of experience

Other Information:
Good eye/hand coordination and good dexterity are necessary for this course as sharp knives are used in the cutting of board and paper.
You will be shown correct procedure in the use of these tools but good co-ordination will assure accurate cutting and prevention of injury.
Closed in shoes MUST be worn at all times.

Course description:
The Secret Belgian Binding, created in the mid 1980’s by Belgian bookbinder Anne Goy, is a method of bookbinding that uses a primary sewing resulting in a distinct thread pattern on the covers and the spine and a secondary sewing that binds the text to the cover boards, which is extremely sturdy and allows the book to open flat.

Course content:
Unusually, the book cover is made first with an attractive sewing that, after covering
with decorative paper, joins the front and back covers and the spine into one piece.
Thread is used to match or contrast with the cover paper. When the cover is completed the text will be added by sewing the text to the cover in a semi traditional stitch. A range of alternative sewing will be available. A slip case will be completed to house and protect the book.

Learning outcomes:
This workshop will introduce participants to a new style of binding that was conceived
when the creator tried to incorporate ancient and traditional bookbinding methods in
one book.

All materials are supplied at the Bindery. Bring your usual tools., but spare tools are available at the bindery.

Other Information:
Tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied. There will be tea breaks and lunch which you are welcome to bring with you or there are cafes and markets nearby.

Workshop written and delivered by Jean Riley for the NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders © 2018 Jean Riley. All rights reserved.