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Bookbinding and the Care of Books

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Bookbinding and the Care of Books

Subtitle: A Textbook for Bookbinders and Librarians
Author: Douglas Cockrell
Publisher: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, London

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Hardback, condition: Fair, some foxing throughout $15.00
Softcover, condition: Fair $10.00
Photocopy and handbound, condition: Good. This copy has been downloaded from a website. Single sheets with stab binding. Printed on the recto only. Chapter divisions marked with blank blue sheets. $5.00

"Bookbinding and The Care of Books. A Handbook for Amateurs Bookbinders & Librarians. It is hoped that this book will help bookbinders and librarians to select sound methods of binding books. It is intended to supplement and not to supplant workshop training for bookbinders."

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